Vision - Resilience Frontiers

Resilience Frontiers


Resilience Frontiers is underpinned by hope for a better world. It carves out a future which will harness the power of frontier technologies and implement solutions in the eight pathways, by providing the necessary infrastructure and environment, thereby moving away from the old paradigm to make way for the envisaged resilient future.

A global change in consciousness towards a “nature-first” culture fosters a (re-)connection to the global ecosystem, which drives individuals and societies to assume their responsibility in the stewardship of nature.
A global system change translating into new forms of habitat and social and economic practices enables the continuous regeneration of societies, economies and ecosystems.
This takes place against the backdrop of applied frontier technologies and a retooled financial system. At the same time, equitable access to data becomes a global public good and fosters inclusive public dialogues.