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In 2020, RF will focus on its roadmapping phase which is expected to continue as a collective intelligence process. The RF Secretariat recently concluded a nomination process through SurveyMonkey and has received close to 100 nominations from contributors willing to volunteer a substantial number of hours per week. These include pathway-specific experts, methodological experts in foresight analysis, and communications specialists who can also contribute to articulation and dissemination of the outcomes. The roadmapping will be…

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Roadmapping meeting

In February 2020, the RF Initiative successfully hosted a roadmapping meeting. The meeting objectives were to finetune the methodology for identifying the top transformative actions for each of the eight pathways for the transformational decade 2021-2030; to agree to the best form, structure or “template” to present the outcomes of the brainstorming process once concluded towards the end of 2020; and cross-cutting considerations- including, communications, milestones, periodic stock takes, dissemination, and outlook for 2021.

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Resilience Lab at COP25

During COP25 in Madrid in December 2019, a RF Lab was set up. The objective of the Lab was to map and identify entry points that would serve as building blocks for the transition to a resilient future as envisioned by the RF pathways. The social media imprint and the discussions at the Lab demonstrated an extremely enthusiastic response to the initiative, with a…

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Resilience Frontiers dialogues

In October 2019, during the Asia Pacific Climate Week, the RF Secretariat hosted a dialogue on indigenous values. During COP25 in Madrid, Spain, two open and interactive dialogues- “Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing” and “2050: A Vision of Transformed Food Systems for People and the Planet” were held. Both dialogues were well received. The dialogue on “Ecosystems and Human Wellbeing” engaged individuals with diverse backgrounds and explore pathways to uphold our responsibility for the stewardship of healthy ecosystems, functioning fully and sustainably, to ensure the wellbeing of all people.  The dialogue on “2050 : A Vision of Transformed Food Systems…

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UN interagency meeting

In November 2019, a UN interagency meeting was held that assembled a critical mass of representatives from UN organizations who could contribute to a foresight-centered discussion and long-term visioning on resilience. It was able to achieve four main outcomes: first, it enabled refining the eight transformational pathways; second, it advised on the modalities for the roadmapping phase; third, it identified the most relevant entities and…

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Songdo brainstorming conference

In a short time period, Resilience Frontiers has generated immense interest and support- both within the United Nations system and outside. The inception of the Resilience Frontiers initiative with the organization of the April 2019 Songdo brainstorming conference brought together 100 visionary thinkers and thought leaders from international organizations as well as non-profit, private and academic/research entities, working across fields and disciplines in all parts of the world. The conference was also the forum for the identification of the nexus members.

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