Objectives and pathways - Resilience Frontiers

Resilience Frontiers

Objectives and pathways

Resilience Frontiers legitimacy comes from a sound methodological foresight analysis process that was developed for the 2019 Songdo Resilience Frontiers brainstorming conference. The collective intelligence exercise used an amalgam of foresight methodologies of UNESCO’s Futures Literacy Lab and Futur/io’s moonshot approaches, which helped to distill the core visions for a resilient future.

This effort resulted in a rigorous consideration of the expected paradigm shifts of the coming decade, and in the identification of three cross-cutting objectives and eight solid pathways towards a resilient future

The eight interrelated pathways

  1. Transforming humanity’s interface with nature, building on indigenous values
  2. Applying lifelong learning for environmental stewardship
  3. Ensuring universal equitable coverage of, and open access to, big data and information, and related benefits to human well-being
  4. Managing water and other natural resources in an equitable and participatory way
  5. Managing transboundary considerations equitably
  6. Optimizing future health and wellbeing using a holistic and ecosystem approach
  7. Mainstreaming regenerative food production
  8. Developing Transformative Financial Instruments 

Download the briefs for the pathways here