Resilience Frontiers Inspirations - Resilience Frontiers

Resilience Frontiers

Resilience Frontiers Inspirations

Where we step next collectively will decide how the arc of history can be bent towards a better future for all.

Those following resilience frontiers pathways are pointing the way.

Illuminating the paths forward are the clear and honest voices of children knowledgeable about the routes decision makers must follow to build a better world for those with the largest interest and stake in realising that future.

Because, at this critical point in the story of people and planet the transformative power of storytelling can provide the paradigm shifting narratives that help inspire us to live up to our responsibility as stewards of this great planet.

By informing us, for example, of the symbiotic oneness indigenous populations have always had with nature – and teaching us to marry that knowledge with modern technological breakthroughs in creating desirable futures for all.

Which is going to be critical as climate change and ecological degradation due to unsustainable practices are threatening the bright futures we want to imagine for future generations – so only by reconnecting with nature can our destruction of the world end and a resilient future begin.

One where we nurture biodiversity by adopting a nature-based plan that radically improves our health and well-being.

And where we engage in economic activity that has transitioned from extractive to regenerative processes, as we take the next steps to sustainability.

And towards a world where the needs of all humans are secured, as part of a desirable future where all the basic needs of secure water, secure food and security for our children are guaranteed.

Facilitated by financial systems that align with policy, entrepreneurship and public opinion to deliver a sustainable future.

Underpinned by systemic and holistic approaches that allow us to build back better now, to pave the way for a better tomorrow, where we share resources in a sustainable world.

It will require a revolution in our collective approach; a mindset shift that embraces futures thinking and resilience foresight to imagine and lay the groundwork for a transformed world beyond 2030,  not just globally, but at national and subnational level.