Resilience Frontiers


Resilience Frontiers is currently focused on its roadmapping phase which is expected to continue as a collective intelligence process. The RF Secretariat recently concluded a nomination process through SurveyMonkey and has received close to 100 nominations from contributors willing to volunteer a substantial number of hours per week. These include pathway-specific experts, methodological experts in foresight analysis, and communications specialists who can also contribute to articulation and dissemination of the outcomes.

The roadmapping will be an iterative and flexible process. The roadmapping phase entails a multistep process for each pathway: horizon scanning, revalidating the storylines, compiling a broad pool of actions, and applying multicriteria analysis to distill the most upstream activities that also have the highest leverage to be implemented in the next decade (2021–2030). These activities are expected to identify transformative and innovative policy, financial and institutional reforms. On the completion of the roadmapping process at the end of 2020, it is also expected that the RF thinking, outcomes and messages will be disseminated widely.