Resilience Frontiers


Humanity’s modus operandi over the past two centuries has led to planetary disorder. This disorder has been manifested by ongoing global symptoms, one after the other – from acid rain all the way to climate change; and from swine flu to COVID-19.

Resilience Frontiers is a two-year collective intelligence process (2019–2020) followed by an implementation decade (2021–2030). It is at the forefront of global foresight thinking on human sustainability and on expanding planetary boundaries towards regenerative prosperity. As per its vision, it approaches transformation in a holistic manner along three-cutting objectives and eight pathways, taking account of the impact of frontier technologies and the totality of the factors that have led to the state of peril that continues to be faced by humanity.

The uniqueness of Resilience Frontiers lies in its strong interdisciplinary and multistakeholder partnerships. It spans partnerships from UN agencies, international NGOs, research institutes and youth networks.

Since the beginning of 2019, Resilience Frontiers has made considerable progress towards shaping a resilient future.

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